Friday, 12 March 2010

About Me; 2007 Stylee

I'm not sure when this was written, though I reposted it in 2007. It is an "about me" section which I originally wrote for my Bebo page (yes, I had a Bebo page, though it was honestly just to do quizzes about myself and others. I then 'upgraded' to Myspace and later to Facebook).

Born by amazing coincidence in the middle of the Mojave desert, Jason had to crawl out of his mothers rotting, swollen carcass and through the scorching hot desert whilst fending off vultures by day and the vicious cold by night whilst merely a day old.
Adopted by a small clan of travelling ninjas (all of which are now dead, leaving Jason as the only one with knowledge of their ways) Jason became an incredibly dangerous lethal weapon at the age of only 3 years old, the local government got scared of such a powerful young soul that they shipped him off to the worst place they could think of for such a youth; Doncaster.
Strategically they left him near Denaby leaving him vulnerable to theft and attack, needing all his skills to survive, had they left him at the wrong side of the craggs he would have rapidly learned new skills such as theft and would have honed them until he became the most dangerous force the Earth has ever seen. Despite that the rest of his story is too grim to tell.

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