Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Such a title could lead to many thoughts, some interesting scientifically and some downright bizarre (I was recently linked to some porn where the men wore pterodactyl costumes for example). So I will say straight away that I am talking about Liz Bonnin. Liz only recently came to my attention while watching the excellent BBC series Museum of Life, a series all about the Natural History Museum in London, on which she was one of the presenters (it also included Richard Fortey in the first episode). At first my thoughts were simply that an already beautiful woman who is interested in science becomes even more beautiful, but it got better from there.

I started watching another BBC programme called Bang Goes the Theory, on which Liz is also a presenter. I wish I had seen this programme when it started. Bang Goes the Theory is a programme aimed at bringing scientific ideas to the attention of the general public and is well worth watching. Aside from simply being a science presenter, Liz Bonnin also has a background in science, with a Bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a Master's in Wild Animal Biology. She continues to work in conservation and has a big cat obsession. Can she get any better? Yes!

Her hero is Charles Darwin, an obvious choice, but a good one. During an episode of Bang Goes the Theory which aired over Easter she looked into an area which puzzled Darwin; why were there no fossils of Cambrian precursors? This meant Liz was looking at Precambrian fossils! Although it was relatively light on information, I could not have asked for more from the programme! Liz Bonnin discussing some of my favourite fossils. Is that fantasy fulfilled? Nope. During an episode of Museum of Life she went on a fossil dig for prosauropods; I wouldn't be fussy about what the fossils were, I'd just love the company.

Sadly I cannot link to a clip of the Precambrian fossils section, so here is Liz discussing the science of fear in Bang Goes the Theory:

I can get my head out of the clouds now. (My apologies if the video does not fit the narrow space of my blog.) I never mentioned that she was born in France and is mixed race.......

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