Friday, 2 April 2010

What's to come?

As I am at home for the Easter holidays my posts, if I do post, will be a little different. I have a few things planned to come over the next few months, but as the majority of the books I wish to reference are down at my other house I do not want to write them yet. I also have some books to read before I write on some subjects (such as contingency and convergence in evolution).

Over these holidays I intend to write some shorter pieces which will hopefully either inspire thought or inform. I will cover some new ground whilst also at times focussing on some issues in more detail than previously.

The inspiration for this "series" is the book Real Scientists Real Faith edited by RJ Berry. In it the chapters are written by different authors, all of which are Christians who are involved in science. They cover a range of fields and backgrounds, though are mostly British. They also had a lot of freedom in what exactly they wrote about concerning science and faith. I intend to write a piece based on each of their essays, though in many cases I will expand upon a single point they made which inspired me. Overall 19 posts should emerge from this with a variety of topics covered. I intended to write them in order, however, the first topic is one I need to do some background reading on first or else I will simply repeat what I read in the book. For some of the essays I may end up writing more than one blog, if multiple topics of interest to me arise.

I suppose the most fitting way to end this "series" would be to do my own version. As many of my other posts would suffice, the best option will be a more personal approach. I had already planned, on paper, to do a piece about my own desires to study palaeontology, so it may be fitting to also write one about the interplay between my faith and my scientific desires, as they have informed and enriched each other.

I hope I stick to this and I hope anyone reading enjoys the variety.

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