Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Evolution as Creatio Ex Nihilio?

There is a Portsmouth based prog metal band who have a recent album which caught my eye due to its title. The band is called Enochian Theory and the album in question is Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio. Below is the album promo:

From what I can hear here the music sounds OK but I can't say much more than that. As a guitarist I would love to assess the guitar playing, but that will have to wait until I have heard more. The album in question is a concept album, but song titles give nothing away so far (though the track titled Triumvirate took my attention). What baffles me is the name of the album, for two reasons. The simplest being the word nihilio which seems to contain an extra i  whereas creatio ex nihilo in theology lacks the third i.  Perhaps nihilio is a clever play on words that I am missing, or a portmanteau.

My main point of confusion is more due to curiosity. There is obviously meaning in the title, but the meaning I get from it may be very different. Evolution is not ex nihilo, it is a process with the co-option of existing parts. It can therefore be assumed (as long as it is not an error on their part) that a point is being made. Ex nihilo is normally used in the context of God creating, so the title suggests that either God created ex nihilo and utilised evolution, or evolution is being credited with ex nihilo creation. The latter point is absurd for the previously outlined reason; evolution also does not address the Big Bang. So it sounds like a prog metal theistic evolution album, which has me sceptical. It sure would be interesting to find out if that is their intention and what they think of that interpretation if it is not. Perhaps as they are a Portsmouth based band I may find out some day.

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