Tuesday, 15 June 2010

An interesting analogy

I've often had creationists object to the idea that God uses evolution with the argument that it limits God. I find this an odd view to hold, but perhaps an analogy I just stumbled across will clarify why God is not limited by evolution, at least not without it being His own choice. I often mention kenosis when discussing God's creating, the self-limiting of God is an important point to remember. Creationists clearly fear that evolution goes against the idea of God being omnipotent (it will be tempting to write at some point about what evolution can tell us about God's qualities such as omniscience and omnibenevolence etc.).

The analogy I came across states that God could have freely created a universe with only triangles, He would then be "limited" to creating three sided objects with internal angles adding up to 180 degrees. These limitations are chosen by God and are part of the creative process. This view is labelled moderate voluntarism. In our universe God's creative acts are limited by His own choice, by natural laws He spoke into being, as seen in the process of evolution. God's omnipotence remains intact, but His own self-limitation allows evolution to take place.

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