Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Do I have any original ideas?

Today I decided to google my own name to see what came up. It was more curiosity than vanity, honest1 Mostly Facebook pages came up and a few other bits and bobs. Then I decided to google "palaeobabbler" to see what I would find. It seems that there is a blog called "PaleoBabble" which has been around for a couple of years.

So, the name of my blog is not completely original, though mine is intended as a personal title too. The PaleoBabble blog is written by Michael Heiser, who specialises in Old Testament studies. Despite the name of the blog, it has nothing to do with palaeontology. His main subject is the ancient world, but by that he means in terms of human history; Heiser is personally unsure about the age of the Earth. He is not a YEC though, as he favours the polemical reading of Genesis creation.

I found this article particularly interesting:

It may be quite a useful resource for anyone interested in the context of Genesis.

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