Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kale ktisis business

I've not been posting as regularly lately, something I must rectify though this is a busy week for me. I have also decided to create a new blog. I got the idea when I thought about asking some other people for contributions about theology of nature to this blog but then thought that it might get drowned out by all the palaeontology stuff I like to post. So I have set up a new blog which is solely for theology of nature and will hopefully include conclusions from people of a variety of backgrounds.

The blog is called καλη κτισις or kale ktisis which means "beautiful creation" in Greek. It also comes up as  kalektisis on the url which looks like a cool word on its own. I will now post most, but not all, of my theology of nature stuff there instead of here, leaving this blog as a place for more science oriented posts. I might, from time to time, comment on or critique some of the other posts from the blog if I find them particularly interesting but don't want to distract from them on the kale ktisis blog. 

Hopefully this little "project" will work out well. I have asked a few people if they would like to contribute and feedback has been quite positive, though many are understandably too busy for it. I even dropped a hint to a bishop on Sunday to see if I could get his input, but he chuckled and said that he is too busy to sit in front of a computer for so long. Ah well. 

I can't really critique the first post properly as it is my own. See here. I was quite tired when I wrote it and it looks like it needs a solid conclusion. I would ideally have gone into a lot more detail for each section and included many quotes from supporters of each view, but I figured it might be too much detail for the first post. Perhaps in future I might do a several part feature on the topic in more detail. I was also tempted to mention views which perceive nature as teleological, but I felt that it would be too big a tangent to start discussing anthropic principle and the convergence-centric views of Conway Morris. 

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