Monday, 6 December 2010

A year in Facebook statuses

Frustratingly it has been around three weeks since I last blogged. I've had things to say, but no time to say them. University work (or procrastinating from it) along with band commitments and relationship commitments, have meant that this blog has taken a back seat - right at the back of the bus. I've started a couple of lengthier posts, but not finished them and have also been completely neglecting Kale Ktisis too. Right now I am ridiculously busy but decided to share something which amused me. I just did a "my year in status" thing on Facebook and was able to choose from my own statuses. I went overboard! See for yourself:

You will likely need to zoom. I intend to get back to blogging more frequently soon, but then I've been saying that for the last few months.

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