Tuesday, 4 October 2011

An Amazing Thing!

I'm not a big fan of films which try to scare me as they very, very rarely work. Genuinely good horror is not easy to find and often has to incorporate the styles of other genres in order to really function properly. One of my favourite films, however, is The Thing, released in 1982 and starring Kurt Russell. The film still works well, still has the right degree of tension and is worth watching many a time. I tried looking for a clip of the South Park parody but could not find one.

I could have mentioned this months ago and it will be old news to a lot of people, but there is a prequel being released next month, also called The Thing. Despite the lack of Kurt Russell, it actually looks really good:

Instead of Kurt Russell, we get Mary Elizabeth Winstead, which was enough for me to want to see the film. Kurt Russell is an actor I love (damn, I want to watch Stargate now) but Ms Winstead appeals to me in a very different way (in other words, she is ridiculously hot). I don't want the hot girl to die, which will make the film more intense. But to add to that, she is playing a palaeontologist. Let me say that again, she is playing a palaeontologist! That right there means that my money will be leaving my wallet and going into the pockets of the film makers (or, rather, the cinema). I will not make any negative comments about her lack of real life palaeontological skills, I will simply drool instead. I always said that I would prefer not to be with a palaeontologist, but if she looks like this, well...

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