Saturday, 8 October 2011

The 'babbler family is expanding.

Astroboy; no relation to Astrobabbler
I don't think I have ever promoted another blog before, so this is a first. Until now I was the only 'babbler, though I did once find a blog called PaleoBabble which has nothing to do with me and nothing to do with palaeontology, so it can be ignored. But there is a new 'babbler on the block (I wanted to make a portmanteau of block and blog but it doesn't work) and now I am wondering if this could be expanded even more. This new 'babbler is Astrobabbler, whose blog can be perused here. As the name suggests, one of his main interests is astronomy and he intends to study astronomy and cosmology academically some day. Like many interested in all things space, he enjoys talk about aliens and other fantastical elements, including the odd conspiracy here or there. It should make for interesting reading, plus there will be other random, non-astro stuff in there too. He's fourteen years old, so his blog should keep getting better and better as he is constantly learning and mistakes can easily be forgiven.

There has only been one post on the blog, the introductory post, though I am sure there will be more soon. Already I am seeing it as like the little brother of The Palaeobabbler, as the Astrobabbler is a young lad I encouraged to do his own blog.

So how do I know him? Well, before I headed off onto my palaeobiology course, I used to be a leader at the church youth group, the RJR. It is for secondary school age kids and offers a place for them to be on a Friday evening for a couple of hours, most of which is spent playing games etc. but there is also some serious time and food. Sadly it only runs during term time, so I rarely get to go any more, but when I can I make sure that I do. They are a good bunch of kids, though I made the mistake of letting some of them add me on MSN and Facebook. This is no longer bad, but at first I was getting messages off them (the girls) which were lewd, though thankfully they stopped when I confronted them. Since then it has been positive, as some of them have come to me at times with issues and I have managed to help point them in the right direction. Some of them just like to have a good chat, which is where Astrobabbler pops up. I've been talking to him online for quite some time now, chatting about music, science, philosophy and more. He is eager to learn and explore new ideas and I hope that shows in his blog.

In an interesting twist, there might be mutual inspiration. A few weeks ago I showed him some short stories I wrote and he enjoyed them, encouraging me to write more. He had me promise to write him a short story, which is a promise I am unlikely to keep, but for good reason. A couple of days after that conversation I started getting some ideas and wrote them down. I am now entertaining the idea of attempting to write a book, but not science or theology which I intend to do some time in the future anyway, but fiction. That conversation sparked my imagination and I have begun designing the world in which my characters will live, though my storyline ideas are a bit vague at the moment and need some fleshing out.

So follow his blog and find out some interesting stuff! When I searched for an image to put in this blog post I simply Googled "astro" to see what I got. I found this intriguing film poster:

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