Saturday, 1 October 2011

Naked Calendar Furore

I don't normally get involved with the political side of university, but there is a big story at the moment at my university which I find rather amusing. Each year the Athletic Union produce a naked calendar, where sports societies volunteer to have their photographs taken in interesting locations, covering up their bits. At my house we have this year's calendar up in the lounge, as one of my house-mates is in it and I can say that they are rather tastefully done and not in any way erotic; they are just a bit of fun. Unfortunately, some of the pictures of girls in the calendar have been leaked onto porn sites, including some unedited photos which were not featured in the calendar, resulting in many lewd and derogatory comments.

These shenanigans are being investigated and the woman's officer (or should that be official feminist?) has called for the calendar to be banned. It has somehow become a feminist issue, but can it really count as exploitation when they agreed to have those pictures put in the public domain? Of course, by that I do not mean the unedited photographs, even though there was permission for those too, because they should not have been leaked, but the actual calendar photos are put out there for the public to see. It will be interesting to see where this debate leads, but what has really amused me is the coverage in The Sun newspaper, as they have printed the photos in question:

Well done Sun, you really now how to approach a sensitive issue. Or in language which would be more understandable to The Sun's readership, tits, girls, boobs, footy!

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