Tuesday, 1 November 2011


The month of November is here, meaning the month of Movember is here! These days I am well known for having facial hair, yet I have never participated in Movember, the charity event where men stop shaving properly and grow moustaches, see here for more details. This time last year I had a girlfriend who hated facial hair, so every time I saw her I had to shave, making Movember impossible. I'm not complaining, she was worth it. I had even shaved my first bushy beard off just so that I could have a chance with her before we got together, though I told everyone that I was shaving it off for summer, as I would end up with a silly tan (I'm not sure she knows the truth about that yet). This year I am single and my face is mine, so get ready for a silly 'tache.

Ideally I would upload photos of my progress, but that will only happen if I can find a way to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop. For now you will have to make do with photos of past facial hair. This month I am growing my first moustache, shaving away the rest of the beard. I am currently fresh faced and about to go have my picture taken ready for the before and after comparison.

The above picture shows my first proper beard, which I allowed to simply become bushy. Below is roughly what I had before my recent shave. I took pictures during the shaving, so stay tuned.

So, if you would like to sponsor me, my profile can be found here: http://mobro.co/JasonSherburn

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