Friday, 16 December 2011

Pretty things and excuses

I have genuine reasons for neglecting my blog lately, as it has been crunch time for a lot of the work I have had. I've had essays, assorted assignments, presentations, practical work, and, of course, my dissertation (which I have fallen behind on). I do intend to share some essays on here at some point and also need to do an increasingly lengthy post about my dissertation. But for now, here are some nice images for you to look at.

The above chunk was found last year at Saltwick Bay, Whitby, and is a favourite find of mine. There's so much going on, with the imbricated belemnites and assorted ammonites throughout the piece (though note that the belemnites are only found on the top). Recently, I decided to have it cut in half, which I then polished and had varnished. Inside, the piece is even more beautiful, with the ammonites in different orientations and showing different diagenetic features, with some interesting infilling in the chambers and a fair amount of pyrite (which turned my hands black during the polishing). I gave one half away as a present for the palaeo Secret Santa.

 Below is the happy bivalve I found whilst doing a university assignment. This bivalve is Eocene age and I refuse to look up what species it is.

This is a Chasmosaurus I drew (or something similar) for a friend as part of their Secret Santa present. I based it on an image from a Japanese dinosaur book and changed it a little, such as giving it a little fuzz because I do that kind of thing.

This picture did not quite go as planned. I decided to do it as I had a presentation on stegosaur osteoderm function and the lecturer is an expert in pterosaurs. I could only find one picture online where pterosaurs and stegosaurs were in the same image, so I decided to draw my own. The pterosaurs are meant to be Dimorphodon and look a bit larger than intended, especially the one on the left, which also went wrong a couple of times. I'm pleased with the one on the right, though its tail needs to be moved a little, and the stegosaur (I think I based it on Tuojiangosaurus but I have already forgotten) is fine except for the thagomizer, which looks like it is the wrong way (it was supposed to look twisted, but I failed). Not a bad idea though, which I might expand upon, though I also might do a picture of a stegosaur from the side, with pterosaurs perching on the plates/spines.

I spotted an albino squirrel in Victoria Park, Portsmouth! This little critter was difficult to take pictures of as he scampered away, though a little later on he came right up to me as I ate my baked potato, he looked me in the eye, then ran off before I could get to my phone. Cheeky git.

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