Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Comeback?

During this year I have neglected my blog. I stopped posting all together, I left many things unfinished and just could not be bothered any more. I can't say what caused this as I think it might have been a mix of things (laziness coupled with the stress of a relationship for starters, though the latter is no longer a problem). So, I intend to get this blog running again and better than ever! As long as I can fit it around my dissertation work. Tomorrow I set off for two weeks of camping and working in quarries in search of some of the oldest fossils in the country - the Early Cambrian small shelly fossils of Shropshire. Naturally I will not blog during that time, but when I return I will begin again. I've spent this year posting a lot of interesting links to my Facebook page which I could also have blogged about and will be doing my dissertation, which should be interesting.

For now I simply leave with promises I will hopefully keep.

I should really get Kale Ktisis up and running again, as I started posting a three part series. Ah well...