Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Let's get started.

I'm new to blogging, but recently decided to make the effort to start one and this is my introduction to it (I also have little worthy of posting yet).

The desire to start this blog came about mostly because I spend an inordinate, almost indecent, amount of time on Facebook discussion boards discussing evolution. It is getting to the point now where I wish I could answer every inane point with a single word, but sadly that is impossible (until I get some psychic superpowers). My original plan to get myself out of having to say much was to follow the footsteps of Whit Grey, who made the leap onto Youtube making videos teaching about evolution and debunking creationist nonsense under the name DonExodus2. This felt like the natural route for me to take, as I have much experience in film production, enough to make some flashy videos at least. Sadly though, I have no computer of my own (this is my sister's) and no camera.

Fortunately I love writing and intend to do as much as I can, so here I get to practice. I will continue to discuss on Facebook for inspiration, allowing me to be reminded of things which need clearing up. I could use other people's words, but I like my own. I will address creationist misconceptions about evolution, sometimes debunking their arguments; I will discuss how evolution works, though I promise to try to be original; I will blog on some random things (who doesn't?); I will discuss religion, mostly with regards to its relationship with science, but also other topics; and I will possibly post some creative writing too.

I hope you enjoy and I hope I stick to my plan.

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