Friday, 1 October 2010

The Palaeobabbler has landed.

So, I've been absent from blogging for the last month, something which I have found very frustrating. So to start off I thought I would plug myself a little bit. Here's my band Rh'edlion, with a demo for new song Educate Yourself. I'm not on this one, so if you want to hear my guitar playing check out the Myspace page.

Also, as my posts lately have simply been apologies and not much more, I thought I would give links to some of my older posts which I think make for good reading. It can be hard to find something worth sinking your teeth into on a blog like this, so here are the sciencey posts I think newcomers would most enjoy.


The following is a blog about discerning metaphysical views in explanations of evolution:

In the early days of my blog I wrote this explanation of punctuated equilibria as it is very often misunderstood:

Here's a piece about the evidence for evolution, using only whales:

A couple of months ago I decided to do a series on how evolution works, yet I have only done part one. Part two will follow soon hopefully (I wanted a specific book from the library to reference). Here is part one:

Here's a recent piece which fits very well with the whale one as it is about sharks and dolphins:


Here's a quick list of popular science books which I think give a good perspective of palaeontology:

This is a relatively recent piece I did about Martian palaeontology which whips through a few interesting topics:

This is a personal piece about my own findings and my local geology:

Here's a random piece about a particular Ediacaran fossil:

Followed by a second random part:

Some Ediacaran ramblings:

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