Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fossils, fossils, everywhere, And all the rocks did speak;

As I have not been blogging much lately, this is not going to be a very long or informative post, I simply wanted to post something. Today I went to Rother Valley Country Park, South Yorkshire, with my sister and a few friends, including some with four legs. The intention was to have a bit of a picnic, enjoy the sun and have a walk around. Having been there in my youth I remember lakes, grass and trees, so I was not expecting rocks, let alone fossils. Like many parks there are rocks dotted around for decoration and seating, sadly not in situ so I have no idea about their age, I simply had a nosey and spotted the odd bivalve shell here or there:

I pointed the odd bit of shell out to my sister, who then took a couple of pictures. I've not had a very good look at them, so I can't say much at all. There were some very good examples in a couple of the rocks.
My time spent looking at these rocks was very brief, as we moved on to another spot around the lake. Whilst sitting at the edge of the water I found a very small patch of shale, which also contained remnants of bivalves. Oddly enough I seemed to be sitting on top of one of the only patches of shale there (it was around 15cm across) a good example of serendipity. I get the feeling that those particular rocks might also have been placed there, but sadly I have no photos to look at and I did not look very closely. I did take some of the shale with me though...

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