Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Catholics Going Backwards?

I've been lazy all day. I've been doing very little and could have been blogging, but never got the motivation. Until I saw this article on CosmOnline. I was shocked to say the least. I get involved in the science-faith debate/discussion as much as I can, having posted on this blog about it and delved into discussion boards. I intend to make that involvement more academic some day, as I have a lot to say. I feel like I know a lot when it comes to this topic, but every so often I find a surprise.

Anyone who has looked into this subject even slightly will know that the Catholic Church has made mistakes in the past, citing their own authority over science and rejecting discoveries which we now take as given. They've done a fair bit of forgiving over the years and in the past century seem to be making amends. It is well known that Catholics are rarely creationists, that they can accept evolution and many prominent theistic evolutionists are Catholic scholars. The Big Bang theory, repudiated by creationists of many stripes, was first proposed by a Catholic priest. Yet they are not without their crazies when it comes to science. Enter Robert Sungenis and co.

Sungenis is a conservative Catholic who believes that Galileo was wrong, the celestial bodies really do revolve around the Earth! (Terry Pratchett would probably use five exclamation marks there as a sign of insanity.) Geocentrism is still alive, though naturally an extreme fringe view (I do wonder if it has as many followers as the flat earth believers). Sungenis makes me think of Kent Hovind, with the way he emphasises his Ph.D despite the fact that it is from an unaccredited university (he even wrote his thesis on geocentrism). He typically writes books about it and I wonder if anyone is mad enough to take him seriously:
If you want to check out this lunacy for yourself, see here. I have nothing more to say on this, I'm more than a little incredulous.

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