Sunday, 13 November 2011

Toys needed...

I've been a bit ill the last few days, some flu type thing, so I wouldn't mind having somebody or something to cuddle. I have nothing here. I'm also a big kid and still love toys, so here are some palaeo themed toys and cuddly stuff I would love to have.

Dickinsonia toy

This is a Yowie toy, whatever one of those is (something to do with Cadburys). They released a Dickinsonia model as part of their Lost Kingdoms range. I want one, even though it is labelled as a 'Giant Disc Jelly' and is clearly meant to be some sort of worm or jellyfish (some crown group) and seems to have the wrong symmetry (many Ediacarans have glide symmetry). Interesting choice of colours too. I never expected to see such a toy, so I want it.

They did others too, including Mawsonites, which strikes me as an odd choice:
There's also this cool Devonian trilobite toy, and I want this one as well, a Wiwaxiid:

Japanese models

Whilst searching for those Yowie toys, I found these cool models, which I know nothing about:

I would love a Kimberella model, especially as it is one of my favourite Ediacaran forms. A Charniodiscus would also be cool:

And so I am not stuck in the Ediacaran, here is Pterygotus, a eurypterid:
I also found two different takes on Hallucigenia:

Cuddly Toys

All of these are taken from a single website and some can be bought here:

Another Wiwaxia, one which I would love to have in my bed. Plus the awesome artist custom makes them in different colours:

There's also the fearsome Cambrian predator Anomalocaris, though it looks very cute and cuddly here. Again, I want one!

Trilobites and eurypterids are quite common, I particularly like this mini trilobite:

Their loving creator even makes keyring sized ones and I can't decide which I prefer:

Walliserops (a trilobite)
A baby eurypterid

These can all be viewed here, along with a large variety which goes beyond the invertebrates here and even includes scarves:

More cuddly beasties!

This next bunch I actually came across a while ago whilst researching nudibranchs (sea slugs) as Weird Bug Lady makes cuddly nudibranchs, such as the one below, as well as many cuddly extinct organisms too.

Phyllidia exquisita
And these cuddly Ediacarans (Tribrachidium?) are only around £20 (hint hint):

The shop for these can be found here:
Check out her Flickr as well, as I round off this blog post simply by posting some of my favourites (as links, due to the way Flickr works):

An awesome trilobite:
A tardigrade and Opabinia
Hydrothermal vent creatures:
A cute Panderichthys:
I'd post more, but I can't work out how to post the images instead of links.

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tina negus said...

It just shows if somebody thinks they can make money out of it, they will!

Re evolution and "improvement" - it is worth noting (you prob have already) that extinct forms flourished perfectly adequately in their times. Also it is still a mystery, why, for instance, nautilus has remained UNCHANGED but ammonites are all extinct!