Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cool video on flood geology

I've just watched this video and thought it would be worthwhile posting here, especially in light of my recent post on geological arguments against a global flood. The video makes some great points which I have raised before with creationists and which need repeating often (though I don't think I ever really got responses).

As I study palaeontology, I am often accused by creationists as having a need for accepting evolution and the antiquity of our planet. If I do not swear by these tenets, I will not be employed, or so the argument goes. But this is clear nonsense. For starters, I could join a creationist organisation and write book after book, get employed at a conservative Christian university, and so on. But the big point which they miss is that many palaeontologists work for oil companies (plus oil companies use the data of academic palaeontologists too). Oil companies care about one thing - finding oil and doing it as cheaply as possible. If flood geology worked, they would use it, but it does not. What works is what mainstream geologists are teaching us.

When YEC geologists bother to go out into the field and look at the rocks which they make claims about, they find that the data does not support them. This is particularly true for those who became part of the oil industry and this video includes reference to some of those testimonies.

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Paul D. said...

That's a great video series. Gonna have to show it to my wife, who is still in the YEC camp.