Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Attenborough-shaped Jealousy

In a previous post I mentioned the pterosaur display that my university was displaying in London. I actually had the opportunity to help out with the construction of the models but never did, much to my own regret. I did hope that I could visit the display in London, but sadly London was built in a poor position for the majority of the country. Getting to London and back is expensive for anyone living in the north of the country. They also put the display on for a very short amount of time. If I could have got there on the last day I would have witnessed the one and only Sir David Attenborough filming a documentary and discussing pterosaurs. Many of my course mates got to see him, as I saw in their Facebook pictures. It is one of those moments where I really wish I was there. He is one of the few "celebrities" that I would love to meet. I own at least three of his documentaries on DVD and a couple of his books as well. Ah well, perhaps meeting him can still be a goal. No prizes for guessing why I chose these specific photos.

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