Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Dreaming About Fossils...

I'm one of those people who wakes up and immediately falls back into a light sleep filled with unusual dreams. Some are incredibly bizarre and some are even disturbing. I'll not regale you with accounts of my dreams, especially as we alter them without realising (my dreams about dinosaurs might be amusing, though the one about the girl who kills a T-rex would not be safe for work). I do have a slight story for you though.

I went out last night and had an alcohol-free night at a rock/metal club I like in Sheffield. I got back at around 4:30 am and fell to sleep some time after that. My alarm then went off at around 7:30 am and I entered my confusing dream world where reality blurs into whatever it is I was dreaming about. At the same time I was slipping in and out of sleep, my two dogs were moving around a lot on my bed, trying to wake me up at times. In my dream I must have been dreaming about someone bringing me fossils to identify, as I had the urge to tell them that even though local rocks are Permian, trilobites would not be found in them. I woke up at this point, continuing my line of thought somehow. I saw one of my dogs (the younger one - Peanut, pictured below) staring at me as she was comfortably curled in a ball. The look in her eyes was one of expectancy and possibly disappointment. I very nearly said to her "don't worry, we will go to rocks where trilobites are found".

It felt as though I had been having a conversation with a dog about fossils, which is a bizarre experience, and this thought stayed with me until I worked out that I must have been dreaming about fossils. What does this mean? Does this mean that I am obsessed? Or simply that I spend time with them? To be honest I don't care what it means, I know I love fossils so dreaming about them is amusing, but not as amusing as talking to a dog about them.

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