Sunday, 8 August 2010

Some Doodles

My last post was a lengthy and possibly boring critique, so to break it up, here are some old doodles I found. I drew them in Taizé, France, around two summers ago and particularly like this first one:

It reads:

Tim the elephant is an unusual elephant, very unusual indeed. He is not unusually small or large, in fact he happens to be two inches taller than average; a fact he is very proud of. He isn't an odd colour, and he doesn't have any unusual talents, he simply floats along on a flying rock. As you would probably agree, for an elephant this is rather unique. 

Below is a picture I drew which was inspired by my friend Steve's desires to quit smoking at the time:

It says, "Kids, if you ever meet a Steve, just say NO!"
I also seemed to have some odd things going on in my head:

And this final example (though these are not all of my doodles from that trip) was drawn during a discussion on Genesis believe it or not:

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