Saturday, 7 August 2010

Finally - My Trip to the NHM

Back in April I went to the Natural History Museum in London with the Earth Soc at uni but as I did not have a camera I had no photographs to show off, but now I do, so here is a photographic run through. I mentioned it at the time, see here, but didn't say or show much.
In one of the entrance hall alcoves we found some crinoids. What was special about them for us was that the description at the side put emphasis on their plant-like appearance, so naturally we had to take pictures for our crinoid-loving friend James, just to take the piss.

The first place we went were the fascinating spirit collections, seeing famous specimens such as some of Darwin's finds, the "living fossil" coelacanth, and of course, the giant squid.
Following the spirit tour, a couple of us headed through to the mammals section, so on the right is a picture of a very cute stuffed bear and below is me admiring more stuffed mammals.

When we went through to the main mammals gallery there was one model whale in particular which really got my attention and no, it was not the famous life-sized blue whale. It was this whale on the left whom we nicknamed "Downsy".
We then went on to look at insects and other assorted creepy crawlies, but then of course we went to the dinosaurs section. Here are the dromaeosaurs, a favourite of mine. It was only natural that we do an impression of the Hypsilophodon skeletons.
I also got to see some more of my favourites, including Allosaurus  and the lovely Tuojiangosaurus  on the right.

After we left the dinosaurs section we were running out of time and rushed off to look at other stuff, getting distracted by the minerals gallery. After that we rushed about at an even faster pace, occasionally getting distracted yet again. As you can see on the left, I had to pose with this gorgeous example of botryoidal haematite. We then sadly left, after a quick trip to the gift shop. On the train on the way home the girls used their purchases to re-enact events that obviously occurred during the Mesozoic:


RKBentley said...

It looks like I checked in just in time. As your writing your critique of my blog, please keep a couple of things in mind. I do blog a lot about creationism but I consider my blog to be more of an apologetics blog with a little news and politics thrown in. Recently, for example, I blogged about the often asked question, "Does God condemn people in other countries who have never heard of Jesus"?

Also, many of my posts are simple Bible study and a few deal with the original language (I'm somewhat studied in Greek).

Keep these other things in mind as you consider your criticism. I hope your view of these other things will be included along with your take on my creation posts.

I'm looking forward to reading your critique.

God bless!!

The Palaeobabbler said...


Good to see you. How do you find out so quickly that I mentioned you? I noticed last time that you responded to me quite quickly then too. I was also wondering where you got a counter from, as you mentioned in one of your posts that you added one and noticed a dip in the numbers of people reading your blog when you weren't posting often.

I have seen this comment after I wrote my critique. My critique is squarely aimed at creationist blog posts, so I didn't mention that you are a more all round apologist (plus Bible study posts). I will mention this in another post as it is worth mentioning, but I won't be responding to them as the post I did do was quite lengthy and I don't intend to start a big, tangled back and forth between us. I simply thought you would be a good example of better thought out arguments in contrast to Daniel Mann's blog, plus you coincidentally mentioned something I had recently been discussing.

So, my apologies for if I make you look like you are only an apologist for creationism, I do know that you are far more than that.