Sunday, 18 April 2010

Adaptive Crinoids: Palaeontological Poster Presentations

A few months ago we were set the task, in groups, of producing a poster to be presented in front of the rest of the people on our course. At conferences scientists often do poster presentations of their recent work and display them so that other scientists can browse them and easily find out more. Our task was to produce the same sort of thing, albeit it on a smaller scale as there are only 11 of us on our course. The poster I co-produced is titled A Comparison of the Adaptive Strategies of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Crinoids, however, on the day it tended to be referred to as Adaptive Crinoids. Our poster came joint first, which is why I feel it is worth sharing. As my prize I chose the superb book Wonderful Life  by Stephen Jay Gould. The picture may not be brilliant quality as I currently only have a trial version of powerpoint and so can't edit it to make it suitable. I can't even copy and paste the writing.

So there it is. There are a couple of mistakes, but nothing major. We seemed to get a good balance of information and aesthetic value. The poster should not be so wide, the black edges need trimming back in this image. If it is too hard to read that may be because it was made for A1 sized paper.

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