Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Critter of 27/04/2010

I've had a break over the last few days from posting. Not intentionally, as there have been numerous distractions.  Normal university commitments continue, but on top of that the weather has been glorious, resulting in a lot more outdoor activity, particularly barbecues. When I have been indoors I have the distraction of the snooker world championships on BBC2 and 6 songs to learn for a friend's band by Friday. Obviously I don't have time to write any of the longer pieces I have planned, but there is certainly time to squeeze in a beautiful critter. I have chosen another trilobite, this time Sphaerocoryphe which is closely related to Cheirurus which was mentioned in my pokémon blog.

The above picture shows Sphaerocoryphe robusta from the Ordovician period.
This one is likely Sphaerocoryphe cranium. Though not pictured here, Sphaerocoryphe thomsoni can be found in Ayrshire. Isn't it beautiful, even for a detritivore?

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