Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How Bitter-sweet!

I've not yet seen the film "Expelled" and am not sure if I have any desire to do so. I have seen clips and read some manuscripts, from what I can tell it is just a lot of rehashed arguments in film form. In the film it is claimed that professing creationists and Intelligent Design advocates are often booted out of academic positions.

This, however, is not quite true. There are creationists who have lost academic positions, but for the same reasons that non-creationists also lose academic positions; if you aren't good at your job you lose it. In his blog, PZ Myers points out that Michael Behe, a very prominent ID advocate, is allowed to keep his job in academia.

Is the creationist community as squeaky clean as they should be? If they are horrified by the spurious claims of creationists being expelled  from academia, do they allow evolution acceptance in their own circles? Apparently not! Prominent evangelical theologian Bruce Waltke has been forced to resign from his position at the Reformed Theological Seminary over a video where he stated that evolution was compatible with Christianity and should be embraced.

I read about this on Myers' blog and when he sticks to science his blog is highly recommended. However, his vituperate diatribe against compatibilism seems rather pointless.

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