Thursday, 15 April 2010

Critters of the *blank*

I am surprised that I did not have this idea sooner as it is the sort of thing found on many blogs. I have decided to update more regularly, though mostly images and not too much writing. I shall be doing the "animal of the week" sort of thing, but a week seems like too long. Daily might get tedious, so the time period is irrelevant (hence the *blank* in the title). Of course, this being the Palaeobabbler it is only fitting that they are extinct critters. I'll probably post a mixture of fossil images and reconstructions, depending on what I find really. Some will follow themes (the first lot will likely be species taken from British Palaeozoic Fossils as I just got it out of the library) and some may be quite random.

This first specimen is Olenelloides, a gorgeous trilobite from the lower Cambrian. Olenelloides armatus can be found in British Cambrian rocks. I will apologise in advance for anyone who happens upon these posts who is not fond of trilobites, I am likely to put up a few pictures of them. Trilobites are incredible fossils and have such diversity that I could keep posting a new interesting one for quite some time.The most striking feature of Olenelloides is clearly the cephalon (the head part at the anterior), which is almost star shaped. I would love to find a fossil of this some day.

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